Your Roof And The Insurance Claim Process: Let Showtime Exteriors Walk You Through It

Here at Showtime Exteriors, we have you covered! We are trained to assess any type of roofing repair or replacement need. Many of our clients have came to us with roof damage due to age, storm damages like hail, tornadoes, straight line winds, and fires. We will inspect your roof for free, assist you with the insurance cliam process, and have your new roof installed in no time.  You will find a description of the claim and repair process you will go through when filing with your insurance company to have damages repaired.  We encourage you to speak with our representatives if you have any additional questions about the process.

What To Do When Your Roof Is Damaged


STEP 1: Contact 817-400-ROOF and we will schedule your FREE inspection Contact your insurance company to file a claim.

STEP 2: The insurance adjuster and your Showtime Exteriors project manager will schedule a time to visit your property. You will be notified prior to our visit We will work with the adjuster to identify all storm related damages Showtime Exteriors will notify you of any changes to the estimate based on the survey with your adjuster.

STEP 3: Your adjuster will submit his report A loss summary report detailing the scope of the damages will be sent

STEP 4: Finalizing the project Your Showtime Exteriors project manager will review the loss summary report to ensure the agreed upon scope of damages is complete and accurate. You will select material and colors You and your project manager will determine a date that best suits your schedule for the starting date.

STEP 5: During the Project Materials will be delivered to your home Contact your Showtime Exteriors project manager upon delivery of materials Review paperwork mailed to your home regarding the building process Showtime Exteriors will schedule all work to be completed in a professional and timely you Confirm your insurance company has sent loss payment.